Posted by: Caroline | February 16, 2010

Media Roundup/Recap

So, for lack of a better name, and because it’s the only thing I feel like blogging about….I will spend this entry talking about what I’ve been watching. If you don’t want to hear my reviews of “Valentine’s Day”, “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, and last week’s “Mercy”, skip this post.

“Valentine’s Day” – this movie has gotten a lot of bad reviews. I knew as soon as I saw that Garry Marshall was making a movie with Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, and many other fabulous stars, that I HAD to see this movie, and that was in, like, September.

This movie is very similar to “Love Actually” in that it has the stories of a bunch different people who are all connected. But the stories are different. And they’re just so CUTE! I came out of the theater acting like Charlotte York, being all “I-believe-in-love”. Although I kind hate that Valentine’s Day is so commercial and the implication that I SHOULD have a boyfriend. (I also came to the conclusion that I like my TV heavy and my movies light. Meaning, I like cop shows and Chick flicks).

“The Time Traveler’s Wife” – so, for Valentine’s Day, I had dinner with a group of friends, and we watched this movie. It was kind of…weird. Good weird, but weird to think that Eric Bana’s character lives his life so that he spontaneously time travels. He has no control over it. Still, SO GOOD. (It was before we were watching this movie I learned that Rachel McAdams was in Mean Girls. How did I not realize this? Probably because she was blond in this movie. Also, I haven’t watched it in awhile….possibly since before I saw “The Notebook” for the first time. And I like Rachel McAdams better as a brunette…she looks like Judy Garland that way. I wonder if she can sing like Judy Garland?).

“Mercy” – **SPOILER ALERT** –  Sunday I watched last weeks’ episode, and I feel the same way I did after Veronica in “Veronica Mars” helped her boyfriend kidnap his dead ex-girlfriend’s daughter and run off to Mexico in the second season, and her father couldn’t trust her anymore. Only this time it’s Veronica (from “Mercy”, not “Veronica Mars”), thought she was saving the life of an innocent woman who had been shot in an attempted robbery, and it turned out the woman had been shot in the back as well, and died from loss of blood before Veronica realized it. And then Veronica shot the robber, and called 911 and talked to the dispatcher like she was doing a death report (I don’t know if this is what they’re actually called but it seems like the right word here). ALSO: Sonia cheated on her totally cute cop BF? And Chloe….well, I think the stress of nursing is just sort of turning her into a slut.


“Castle” has been good but nothing earth shattering, if you know what I mean.

“Criminal Minds” – okay, aside from the fact that they deal with serial killers, which is just what the BAU does, nothing too earth shattering here either. I am totally waiting for more character development, as that’s why I watch this show. That, plus Reid and Morgan.

“Psych” has been pretty good, although for the second half of the forth season, they have yet to top “You Can’t Handle This Episode”. Which I hope they’ll do with the season finale in a couple weeks.

“30Rock” – for some reason this show hasn’t been as good this season as it was last season. Okay, fine, I only started watching the second season over the summer. And I’m still watching the 3rd season.

Okay, that covers all the shows I watch regularly for now. More later.





    • No, but I got the urge to blog about the movies & Mercy at like midnight, and I wanted to touch on the others….but I also wanted to go to bed.
      Later I’m going to come back and do Caroline’s Best Episodes of Psych, but I want to wait for the season to finish first. Because it looks to be GOOD.

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