Posted by: Caroline | March 4, 2010


So, last weekend I was home, and I went to see “Avatar” with my family (this is the downside of going to college in a town with only four movie theaters: there’s no IMAX). The last time I saw anything in IMAX or 3D  (and it was in IMAX 3D, actually) was a movie about the International Space Station I saw at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC when I was 12. (And, coincidentally, one of the previews was for a movie about the Hubble Space telescope that’s in IMAX 3D. SWEET!).

“Avatar” was really cool  – another James Cameron Epic, about a former Marine who’s in a wheel chair, but he goes to this planet called Pandora (and they have to travel five years to get there – the only way we could EVER travel to another planet is if we find a way to travel at warp I mean, light speed (which is what warp speed is…) But I digress). Anyway, there’s a bunch of military people on Pandora trying to mine this mineral, but the native (humanoid) species is basically living on top of  the largest deposit of it. So, the plan is to use Avatars, which are a cross between the native species and humans, to befriend the natives, and get them to move. The Avatars are controlled by the humans (who are in this special machine) in such a way that the humans feel what the Avatar is doing…..which is really cool if you’re a Marine who can’t run in his human body….but can in his Avatar. When the Marine’s avatar gets separated from the group, he befriends a native. My favorite part was the helicopter pilot, played by Michelle Rodriquez. She was awesome.


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