Posted by: Caroline | March 9, 2010

Media Roundup


This weekend I watched “The Prestige.” This was really good, about two magicians…………..I will NEVER stop wondering how magicians do some of that stuff….but as they point out in this movie, once, you know, it’s no fun anymore. I couldn’t stop thinking, as I watched this, that Christian Bale looked almost IDENTICAL  to a guy I went to high school with.

I also watched The Academy Awards. There was this really nice tribute to John Hughes….

(To which I say: John Hughes Movie Marathon over spring break? HECK YEAH!!!!)

I was also really excited that Sandra Bullock won Best Actress, because she usually does Chick Flicks, and Chick Flicks don’t win Oscars. I fully intend to see “The Blind Side” over spring break.

Also, congrats to Kathryn Bigelow for beating out her husband and being the first woman to win Best Director!!!! I wouldn’t normally watch war movies, cause I’m just not a war movies kind of gal, but I do want to see “The Hurt Locker”.

I also bought and read Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. It’s about a white girl and a Mexican boy from Chicago who are assigned to be Chemistry Partners. It started off kind of slow, but then it sped up, and it was really good. This book was really cute (although I don’t know how realistic it was because I don’t know anything about gangs). But it was a nice light read.

Oooh, onto TV:

Mercy: TOTAL SOAP OPERA. Geez, it really bugs me when they have to overly screw things up for a person, or character.

Castle: LOVE Castle. Watching this show makes it seem possible that Shawn and Juliet from “Psych” might actually get together some day. Unlike Castle and Beckett. If you watch both shows, you know what I mean.

30 Rock: Oh, wait, this show’s been gone for the last three weeks. But there’s a new episode this week!

Chuck: I’m not all caught up with to the latest episode yet. Working on it.

The Deep End: There are rumors that this show may have been canceled…which makes me kind of sad. It wasn’t great, but it was amusing. Also, I hate when the cancel shows and you have no resolutions between characters. ADDIE AND MALCOLM, namely.

Criminal Minds: Okay, the reason I watch most crime shows is for the main characters and their development. UMM, NOTHING NEW HERE. Just continuing to solve cases…..Dude, at least give me more Morgan & Garcia banter (side note: love Garcia’s hair!).

GLEE: returns in April.

Later this week is the season finale to Psych. Which I’m super excited about. After which I’ll post my 10 favorite Psych episodes.



  1. There’s a season finale for Psych? I haven’t been paying attention I guess. Castle was really funny this week – I laughed out loud.

    And I think I watched part of “The Hurt Locker”. I got so bored after an hour that I had to leave. It wasn’t like many Hollywood movies though, that’s for sure. Not exceptionally dramatic.

    • Yeah, the season finale was pretty good, although not the best. I loved Castle. Especially when Beckett called Castle “Ricky”.

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