Posted by: Caroline | April 18, 2010

two weeks of tv roundup…

Okay, my reviews of TV the last two weeks:

“Castle” has been good. Although it’s kind of hard to build up to the intensity of “Tick, Tick, Tick…” and “Boom!”, “Wrapped up in Death” was really funny (especially the part where Castle lay down on the floor of the elevator).  Also Beckett’s cynicism in  “The Late Shaft”.

“Glee” – WHY do they have to have it on the same time as “Lost”? there are like A LOT of “Lost” fans in my house. I liked it better on Wednesdays, because if I wasn’t watching it, it was because I was watching “Criminal Minds” instead.

That aside, the reason why “GLEE” is not in my three favorite TV shows (“Castle”, “Bones” and “Psych”) is because they really haven’t drawn out ANY of the plots. The whole relationship between Puck and Rachel only lasted one episode. Which is why I hope Finn has to chase Rachel for, I don’t know, SEVERAL episodes before they get together. The music was good, though. I can’t wait to see them do Madonna. (Also, “Vogue”? Umm, who knew Jane Lynch had such a nice voice?)

“Mercy” – okay, this hasn’t been on in a couple weeks, but really, once Veronica shot the guy, it just went down hill for me. And it hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet, and I wouldn’t be upset if it wasn’t.

“Criminal Minds” – the reason I love crime dramas is because they’re so character driven. But there hasn’t been very much character development on this show lately. So, although they’ve caught a lot of bad guys, it hasn’t been that spectacular. They need to do something….perhaps bring back one of the ex-BAU members for something?

Also, it’s been announced that there will be a spin off – currently titled “Minds 2.0” about the characters we met in “The Fight”. This sounds kind of cool. Possibly.

“Bones” – I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad after “The Parts in the sum of the whole”. I really, reallly wanted to smack Brennan. Booth is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to her. She was being SUCH an idiot.

“The Death of the Queen Bee” was pretty good. Although I’m still mad at Brennan.

This next week, “Castle” is new, “Glee” is new, “Bones” is new, double new “30 Rock”.



  1. LOL – your favorite shows and mine are the same. Well, Psych is an on-and-off favorite. Castle is a new favorite. I was mad at Bones too, what kind of reason is “I’m a scientist and I won’t change”? But I’m soooo glad that Booth finally decided to move on. I’ve gotten so tired of the tension.

    Can’t wait to watch Castle this week.

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