Posted by: Caroline | May 11, 2010

What is this feeling?

No, not THIS feeling

Every year, round about April, or some years in March, I just hit that point. That point where you want the school year to be OVER. (I can’t wait to see how this plays out when I become a teacher). In college, it’s worse than it was in high school – because I have friends at semester schools who are DONE by the beginning of May, and I don’t get done till the middle of June. Oh, the pleasures of the quarter system.

I look forward to moving out in June, to those damp June mornings (we’ve already had a few of them, even though it’s May) where I go outside, and it’s rained the night before, so everything is all fresh and clean……..this is when (now that I’m an adult) I can really apperciate that I’ve grown up in Western Oregon. Everything is nice and lush and green this time of year. Love that. At my parents house, the grass in the field is getting tall – I was home last weekend and it was up to my waist. By the time I get home my parents house will be in the land of the six foot grass, or the jungle, as we call it.

I’m also really looking forward to my birthday at the end of May. This year, it falls on Memorial Day (sweet! I get my birthday off before diving into dead week! I am so going to see this movie). I love having a May birthday.

I can’t wait for the summer, because I have a camp job! I am not going to be cooped up all summer, I will be at the coast (and going to the beach as much as possible. Some people don’t like the Oregon Coast, but I loooove it).

May is great because it means a bunch of season finales for TV, and the start of the summer movie season.

Castle – the season finale is next week? I didn’t even realize it was the season finale until I saw it on the fan page on facebook today. I hope Demming is around next season. Love how jealous he makes Castle.

Glee – the music and the plot……could improve. And the season finale for this isn’t till June?

Chuck – SO CUTE! Love Sarah, Love Chuck….actually, I’ve loved Chuck ever since I found out he spoke Klingon.

Mercy – I sort of watched this show but it’s been sooo overly dramatic that I sort of hope it doesn’t get renewed for a second season.

Criminal Minds – what is WITH the lack of character interaction? Especially the lack of Garcia/Morgan banter? On a side note, CBS is starting a spin off next fall, currently titled Minds 2.o. Although this doesn’t explain the lack of character interaction in a so-called character driven show.

Bones – OMG, last week, sooo, so, good. Although I have a feeling they were trying to make up for what they did with Booth and Bones a couple weeks ago (or, more accurately, what they didn’t do). It’s sort of working. Sort of.

30Rock – Not bad, not bad.

Oh, and in the movie world, this summer a movie based on the books that if you didn’t read as a kid, I don’t know where you were…..yes. Ramona and Beezus. (Aiden is Ramona’s father, and the vice principal from The Princess Diaries is her teacher). I am so rereading all the Ramona books. Oh, and if you’re skeptical of it, I read an interview with Beverly Cleary in which she said she helped pick the script.

I will leave you with this super cute video. Because there are some really good fan videos out there, especially for Psych.


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