Posted by: Caroline | May 12, 2010


In my post yesterday, I said that GLEE was down…as in, I had been disappointed with not only the  plot (which, um, has really not been all that original all along….because most of what happend to the characters has happened on some or other geared-toward-teens show in the past ten years. Except although this is geared toward/about teens, it’s super popular with the 18-50 set (or some bracket like that).

Anyway, GLEE yesterday was pretty good, although I was annoyed that Puck shaved his mohawk (like, I know the plot point of why, but still – much cuter with the mohawk).  I must say, I do love all the songs he does as solos – first “Sweet Caroline” (although I have a bone to pick with the recording: THEY LEFT OUT ONE OF THE VERSES), now “Lady is a Tramp”.

I have also seen that they will be doing “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga in the coming weeks. I’m kind of excited….stuff like this from my school, and of course you know you’ve made it big when your song’s done on GLEE, especially when that song hasn’t been around very long. As my mom says, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

So…totally looking forward to GLEE in the upcoming weeks.


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