Posted by: Caroline | May 31, 2010

good, better, best

Today is my 20th birthday.

On Friday, I had fun seeing  an old friend.

Also on Friday, I finally got around to watching the season finale of Chuck. Season Finales I’ve seen so far this year: Psych, Castle, Bones, 30Rock, Criminal Minds and Chuck. About which I have to say….

Criminal Minds – If Derek Morgan, or any of the characters, but mostly Morgan, are not in the sixth season of CM, I WILL STOP WATCHING IT. Besides, I’m sure CBS knows that Shemar Moore is a huge reason why women watch that show. Matthew Gray Gubler as well, but I’m more of a Morgan fan. (On a side note, the spin-off, Minds 2.0, will premiere mid-season).

Chuck – OMG, the season finale of Chuck was the best of all the season finales so far, as well as being the best of Chuck this season, and I bet it’s season finale will be better than that of GLEE.

GLEE – *SPOILER ALERT* – It was so good, especially the part where Idina Menzel and Lea Michelle sang “Poker Face” together (you have to watch them sing it, to see the emotion on their faces). But why do they have to have them not be friends? Sure, Idina Menzel missed a lot of Lea Michelle’s life (ie, her childhood), but come on, they can’t be friends?

And in case you think all I do is watch TV, well, I read Richard Castle’s “Heat Wave” too. Although there were places where the editing was poor (“hauled ass” is a slang term, best used for dialogue, not narration, dude) the story was fun, and light, and most of the writing was decent. I did draw several connections to the show, but since I started watching it during the second season, I couldn’t draw very many connections between the show and the book, except for the characters. Oh, and if you were wondering if the sex scene mentioned early in the second season is actually in it? Yes. I would totally recommend this book to all fans of Castle, it’s a fun read. (And the acknowledgments thanking “Nathan, Stana, Jon, Seamus, Susan, Molly Ruben, and Tamala“? I laughed SO HARD when I read that).

Today I went and saw “Sex and the City 2”. (Skip this if you haven’t seen it but plan to, or aren’t interested). I have to say, when I saw the trailer, I was pretty excited. When I saw the extended trailer, I was WAY excited (OMG, AIDEN!!!). And then I went and saw the movie and I was….well…disappointed. (My favorite parts were the karaoke scene and the scene where Miranda and Charlotte were talking about being mothers). The film just seemed to be move really slowly, (and the hotel they stayed in in the Middle East, while very nice, seemed WAY over the top). I sort of want to re-write my own version of it (sort of the way I want to re-write parts of “Heat Wave”. Plus, while the first movie still had enough of the feeling of the four girls of the show, this movie had little to none of that. Yes, the girls got away together, but it just wasn’t the same….and while I realize people change, I guess I just don’t want my TV characters to change.  Here is a great satire of the movie. (I sort of had a feeling that the sequal wouldn’t be as good, but now that I was right, it doesn’t give me very much hope for “Toy Story 3”).

In addition to being done with school and “Toy Story 3”, I’m looking forward to “Ramona and Beezus” this summer. As well as getting lots of reading done. Or at least some.



  1. Happy belated birthday!!! I had no idea there was an actual “Heat Wave”. How strange.

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