Posted by: Caroline | June 8, 2010

Caroline Ranks the Season Finales

1. Chuck. AMAZING. And a good set up for the fourth season.

2. GLEE. Also excellent. I can’t wait to see how: a) Will and Emma play out next season, b) Finn and Rachel play out, c) Idina Menzel’s character and her new baby (that was SO PREDICTABLE, at least for me). Also, in addition to all the throw backs to the  pilot, the last scene with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was totally a throwback to this. Or was that foreshadowing? (I loved how Puck looked so scared when Quinn was in labor. Also how Quinn’s mom showed up having dumped her dad). Which brings me to d) how Puck and Quinn play out. (Please let Puck grow back his mohawk!!)

3. 30Rock. Pretty good, also good setup for next season.

4. PSYCH. So-so, kind of a let down.

5. Mercy – I’m not really upset that this show got cancel, but the season finale wasn’t that bad.

6. Castle – not as good of a set up for next season, although you know Castle has to come back, because if he wasn’t the show wouldn’t have been renewed for a third season.

7. Bones – dude, ever since that one episode about Booth and Bones first case, I don’t like that show as much. Such a drama.

8. Criminal Minds – DUDE. Don’t leave my favorite character hanging. That’s just wrong. (Although I guess they had to do something to ensure that people would watch next season – BUT IT’S THEIR OWN FAULT FOR HAVING LOUSY CHARACTER INTERACTION FOR THE MIDDLE OF THIS SEASON).

I’m done with another quarter of college, thankfully, and pondering the fact that I am HALFWAY through college. Looking forward to this summer  – I’m working as a camp counselor. So between now and the end of August, there will no posts. By me.

(WHY does Psych have to start in July? Why can’t it start in September, like a normal show?)

On that note, have a good summer, everyone!


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